The membership begins on 1st December.

Current annual fees are:

Individual Members: $15.00
Family membership: $20.00
Junior members: $5.00

Club shirts and Jackets are available, please contact the Secretary.

Members receive the monthly newsletter 'Potting On', are entitled to borrow books from the library, enter their orchids in shows and participate in club activities.

Club Logo

Cymbidium Lake Macquarie ‘Winsome’ is a standard Cymbidium with white petals and sepals with a very faint centre line red purple. The labellum is white flushed red purple with red purple spots.

It was the Champion Orchid at the 10th Australian Orchid conference and was awarded an Award of Merit (18 September 1986)

Its parents were Cym Pearl Easter and Stanley Fouraker.

It was featured on the cover of the 1987 AOC Awards and in Australian Orchid Growing Vol. 1 Cymbidiums 1987 Aust. Orc. (cover).

The flower used for the current version of the logo was grown by Bob and Muriel Bell of Eden NSW.