Growing Orchids

Sure there are some pampered pets that want hot house conditions but there are hundreds of rewarding orchid species that need little else than a shady spot under a tree in the back yard.

Cymbidium orchids are really at home on the Far South Coast and most growers raise these beautiful blooms under shade cloth. These are winter flowering orchids that have been bred to produce spectacular multi spiked large flowers. They are so easy to grow that they are commonly found in shade houses and ferneries throughout the district. But they are not the only easy to grow orchids.

Australian natives, such as the familiar "Rock Lilly" only need a slab of timber or a tree branch to get started. Breeding programs have extended the range of natives and new varieties come in every colour of the rainbow. Even the exotic Cattleyas and Slipper orchids can be grown on the Coast with little fuss, in fact more orchids are lost from over attention than neglect.

Of course if you want to get right into it there is an infinite range of orchids from all over the world, each requiring its own special conditions to bloom to perfection. You can have a collection number just a few to more than you can count.

Our Club welcomes novices and experts alike and extends a warm welcome to anyone interested to come along to our meetings or workshops to find out more about how our Club can foster you in growing orchids.