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Summer Show 2023

Sapphire Coast Orchid Club

Summer Show 2023 Results

The Sapphire Coast Orchid Club presented it’s Summer Orchid Show in Pambula Town Hall, 2nd & 3rd November. This show was principally staged to display Australian Sarcochilus orchids but also included other Orchids in flower at this time. The show has grown significantly in recent years both with the number and quality of the Sarcochilus on show but with an ever increasing display of Soft Cane Dendrobiums supported by late flowering Cymbidiums, Masdevallias and other exotic species.

Choosing the best Sarcochilus proved to be a very difficult task as the quality presented was very high, however the Champion Sarcanthinae Hybrid and Grand Champion Sarcanthinae Orchid went to Keith Barrett with his Sarcochilus Kulnura Press x Kulnura Rusty. This plant had predominately white flowers but with a strongly marbled red centre very well displayed on upright stems.

Keith also presented the Champion Specimen, a very large plant of Sarco. hartmanii BK Albus x Tumblegum Albus displaying a shower of crystalline white flowers which was a great example of the potential of these small plants to grow into a large eye catching display.

Champion Sarcanthinae Species was benched by Ed Locs, a very good example of Sarcochilus hartmanii. It was line bred from Sarco. hartmanii ‘Red Spots’ x hartmanii ‘White King’. This species is in the background of many of the hybrids now on display.

Of the Other Than Sarcochilus plants the Champion Species, and Grand Champion was a Renanthera monachia presented by Jefferey Lee. This small plant exhibited a striking spike of immaculate red spotted orange flowers which stood out from the rest of the plants on show.

Champion Any Other Hybrid went to Kaye Bowles Phalaenopsis unnamed this plant exhibited a very neat spike of white flowers very evenly spread down two sides of the spike. A very good example of this species.

Graham Gray’s Cymbidium Cricket, a giant compared to the other Champions, had 12 cascading spikes over 60 cm long of delicate small flowers springing from around the lip of the pot and taking out the Champion Specimen.

New member Peter Ivers benched a very nice Dendrobium fimbriatum to be awarded Champion Novice. The strong yellow flowers with their dark centre stood out on the bench and although there wasn’t a strong field this plant showed its potential for the future.

Congratulations to all winners, exhibitors, and helpers for putting on another great show.

Sapphire Coast Orchid Club would like to thank our Major Sponsors, Robert Smith Complete Furnishers of Pambula, The Bendigo Bank, and The Little Bouquet Florist of Merimbula for their very generous support of our Shows.