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Australian Native Orchid Show 2021

The Australian Native Orchid Show 2021 was presented in the Pambula Town Hall on 29 and 30 October. Whilst this show is aimed at showcasing Sarcochilus orchids and Australian Cymbidiums and their hybrids other orchids that are in flower at this time are also on show and now make a big contribution to the show. Besides the big presentation of Sarcochilus other notable contributions were made by the Cymbidiums, the Masdevallias and the Soft Cane Dendrobiums. A feature of this show was the display of Bonsai presented by Jeff Knox.

Champion Sarcanthinae Orchid and Champion Sarcanthinae Hybrid was won by Keith Barrett with Sarco. Kulnura Sanctuary ‘Pink Blush’ x Sarco Kulnura Gifted ‘Pure Spots’. This plant had a very eye-catching display of well-shaped spotted pink flowers. The large flowers were very uniform in colour and were held on upright stems.

Keith was also successful with his Dendrochilum tennellum winning both, the Champion Specimen Any Other Orchid as well Champion Any Other Orchid. This large grass like plant was festooned with its tiny strings of flowers making it a talking point of the show. Keith went on to receive the Shirley Bedingfield Trophy for most successful exhibitor.

Champion Sarcanthinae Species was a Plectorrihza tridentata presented by Graham and Helen Gray, this small flowered twig epiphyte made up for its size with a very good floral display.

Champion Specimen was presented by Narooma members Gary Evans and Vicky Douglas, their Sarcochilus Cherie ‘Mosaic’ x Sarco. fitzgeraldii ‘Ruby’ was marked by its dainty reddish-brown flowers on over 15 canes cascading in an eye-catching display .

The contribution of species other than Sarcochilus have really made their mark on this show, the quality and numbers of the plants such as Masdevallias and Soft Cane Dendrobiums made sure the hall was filled with flowers making a great impression on visitors. The pendulous Cymbidiums were a credit to their growers not only for the display but also for getting them to the show, the almost black flowers of Cym Black Stump were a great drawcard for visitors.

The Club thanks our sponsors, The Pambula and District Bendigo Community Bank, Robert Smith Furnishers and The Little Bouquet for their generous support of our shows. Thank you also to all exhibitors and members who made this show the success that it was.